Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Question For Young Men And Women: Is Marriage A Burden?

Divorce is increasing from time to time in Malaysia. Generally the increase of divorce rates occur among young husbands and wives. For instance, do not be surprise to see a young husband and wife file a divorce petition before the court of law after a few months of marriage. The situation goes beyond the boundary of religion. Those who love and support marriage and the family institution in Malaysia question as to reasons behind the situation. Why marriage fails for some young individuals in Malaysia? Are they not well educated enough on marriage and the family institution in Malaysia? Or they are more concerned with other matters ignoring the importance of protecting their marriage and family? Some in Malaysia may suggest that marriage and divorce are private matters. Thus, young husbands and wives have rights to marriage and divorce. If the husbands and wives think that divorce is the best solution, they should be allowed to do so. Nevertheless, some in Malaysia may also argue that marriage and divorce also affect others as well in particular the children. Thus, negative divorce may have negative effects on the children. That is why some young men and women seem to have doubts on marriage and elect to live as singles. Thus, they are afraid that negativity surrounding marriage may occur and affect them....

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