Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wasting Of Water During Wudhu' And Rushing For A Saf In Solat

I have to admit that I seldom attend congregational solat. However, there are two scenarios which always attract my attention during attending the prayers. The first scenario is during taking wudhu'. I notice that many of the Muslims including me actually use a huge amount of water during taking wudhu'. This is contrary to the practice of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w who uses only a small bucket of water during taking wudhu' in avoidance of wastage of water or pembaziran air as we know in the Malay language. Thus, wastage or pembaziran is related to the habit of the devil or syaitan. The second scenario is during choosing a saf for congregational solat. This is especially relating to the situation after congregational solat has commenced. I notice a lot of Muslims rushing and running to choose a saf in order for them not to miss the current rakaat in congregational solat. I remember a hadith indicating the Muslims not to rush or run to choose a saf when congregational solat has commenced. The Muslims just need to calm down and walk to choose a saf. If they miss the current rakaat, just follow the next rakaat. If they miss the current congregational solat, just perform another congregational solat.

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