Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'Allah' Should Only Be Used For The Muslims Based On Histories

It is interesting to see that now the non-Muslims especially the Christians in Malaysia want also the right to use the term 'Allah' to be associated with their God. As we all know, the term 'Allah' is associated with Islam in which the Muslims in the world regard Allah s.w.t as the God Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w as His Last Messenger. Some of the arguments used by the Christians are that the Arab Christians and the Christians in Indonesia are currently using the term 'Allah' in their daily religious rites and ceremonies. In case of the Arab Christians, it is understandable based on histories. However, in case of the Christians in Indonesia it is quite puzzling as to when they started using the term 'Allah'. Based on histories, Christianity was propagated in Indonesia through Dutch or Portuguese missionaries. Thus, generally these missionaries and the Christians in Holland and Portugal did or do not use the term 'Allah'. There was no evidence of the propagation of Christianity by the Arab missionaries. So the main question was whether the term 'Allah' was started to be used by the Christians in Indonesia as a means of easily propagating Christianity among the Muslim Malays in Indonesia. So I do hope that the relevant authorities manifest a respect towards the Malaysian Federal Constitution which generally gives privileges to Islam. Tolerance is indeed important and racial and religious tensions should be avoided. As such, our political parties should not also use this issue as a tool to gain supports from the public. They should think more on protecting the public from such tensions.

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