Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Sympathy Towards Our Academicians

Recently we have witnessed events which challenge the value of our academicians. The events were specifically related to the recognition of our political parties towards the views of our academicians. Our political parties especially the members have a tendency of not tolerating any views articulated by our academicians which are considered negative to the parties. Rather than analyzing such negative views in a positive way, some members of the parties are inclined towards condemning our academicians in a disrespectful way. This situation is rather strange as our political parties always call for academic freedom among our academicians. Is academic freedom means that our academicians must criticize only the government but not those opposing the government? From my view, this situation just show the level of maturity among our political parties. My hypothesis is that it would take another decade or two for our political parties to achieve maturity acceptable withing a civil society.

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