Saturday, January 9, 2010

No Attack On Any Place Of Worships

My recent views manifest a belief that the word 'Allah' should be only used by the Muslims within the context of Malaysia. Nevertheless, I do have to recognize the views of our Muslim scholars such as Prof. Dr. al-Qardhawi, Prof. Dr. al-Zuhaili, and Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz indicating that the word 'Allah' is not restricted to be used in Islam but is also extended to other faiths such as Judaism and Christianity. The main two reasons for my views is the protection of national security and also the recognized norms practiced in Malaysia. However, I do not manifest a support on the recent attacks on churches by presumably some Muslim individuals or groups. These individuals or groups manifest their ignorance on the whole issue. The fact is that the case is undergoing an appeal at the Court of Appeal requires all parties especially the Muslims to remain patience. We as the Muslims are taught to respect any place of worships and not to attack them. For instance, I still remember when studying the Islamic law, my previous lecturer indicated that even at time of war, the Muslim armies cannot destroy or attack any place of worship. May Allah s.w.t always give us the Muslims guidance and patience.

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