Monday, January 4, 2010

Awareness On The Payment Of Zakah

It was on the last day of 2009 in which I decided to discharge my responsibility as a Muslim to pay zakah. Nowadays, it is so easy for a Muslim to calculate the amount of zakah that he or she has to pay. Thus, the existence of websites which provide online calculation regarding the amount of zakah that has to be paid by the Muslim have made it easy for him or her to know the exact amount. I did my payment in one of the branches of the Selangor zakah center. I noticed that the center was over crowded with Muslims preparing to discharge with the payment. I also noticed that the numbers were bigger than the year of 2008. The question which comes into my mind is whether the payment of the amount of zakah made by the Muslims was based on their religious duties or tax rebate? Well, I do believe that the payment was based more on their religious duties. I hope that more Muslims will realize their religious duties in discharging with the payment of the amount of zakah.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah.. good la u dah bayar zakat.. nak tambah sikit je.. boleh??

1) kalau tahun2 yg lepas, u/ sape2 je la, tak pernah byr zakat, dan u/ sape2 je la tahu amount serta haulnya mencukupi, maka tunaikanlah..sebab, zakat tetap kena ditunaikan meskipun tahun2 sudah berlalu..

itu aje.. selamat beribadah bro.. wallahu a'lam..