Monday, July 14, 2008

Civil Family Law: The Rise of Women Domination

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The emergence of the industrial revolution in Europe and also the United States had changed the focus of civil family law from men domination to women domination. The impact of the revolution was obvious in which women starter to have access to information and knowledge. Thus, the situation had influenced the establishment of women rights' groups fighting for their rights especially in civil family law. The groups were successful in their cause in which civil family had witnessed a rapid revolution. For example, prior to the revolution in custody of the child's litigation, normally custody was given to the father because of his ability to provide for the child adequate financial supports. After the revolution, custody was normally awarded to the mother because of her ability to provide the child with love and care. In short, the change of focus of the civil family was inevitable because the society indeed accepted and recognise the role of women in the family and the society.

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