Monday, July 14, 2008

Islamic Law: The Historical Development of the Islamic Law-The Reign of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Part 1

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The origin of the Islamic law occurred during the reign of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Briefly, the development of the law during the reign was divided into two periods, the Mecca and Medina periods. In relation to the Mecca period, the development was slow as it focused more on personal implementation such as prayers and charity. Thus, an example of the law during the period was the prohibition of murder of children. As such, the development was rapid during the Medina period which focused more on society implementation. The main reason for the situation was obvious in which the Muslims ruled the first Islamic state of Medina. Thus, there was numerous examples of the law occured during the period such as contract law, family law, criminal law, and constitutional law. In short, part 1 just focuses on periods of development of the law and some examples of the law practised during the period. That is all as an introduction.

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